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Related article: Pledge Class - The Blow Job Task 6 Note: This story series includes depictions of gay sex, straight sex, bisexual sex, sex between college students and high school students (both male and female), and incest. If that's not your thing or if it is illegal for you to read this story, then stop. This story is made up and does no depict anything true. Comments, suggestions, and helpful feedback are welcome. - Recap: Five freshmen have a final pledge task to blow each of the other 4 pledges on successive nights. Austin got his High School sister to be his substitute on the first night. Chet got his older sister to do so, but in return was fucked by her boyfriend. Nick reluctantly got his longtime girlfriend, but she got to fuck two of the other pledges in return. Dylan got his younger brother, but only after sucking the younger teen and later being fucked by him. Only an exclusive girlfriend or a sibling can sub for the pledge himself. Pledge Class - The Blow Job Task Part 6 - Brandon Sunday Night Brandon paced his room and looked at the instructions again. He didn't have a girlfriend. Hanging out with Chet, he had been with lots of different girls since the beginning of the semester including his first time with two girls at once. As for siblings, he had three. Brandon's sisters were 8 and 11. He wasn't going to ask them. That was sick and twisted. He also had a 13-year-old brother. He could never have imagined Dylan would bring his younger brother 5 days later, so Brandon didn't even consider using him. Plus his brother was barely beginning puberty and had never even been with a girl. He couldn't imagine asking him either. He re-read the card again. There were no other outs. Friday Afternoon "Hi Brandoggy!" his 8 year-old sister Debbie chirped as he called. Sophie, the 11-year-old, regaled him with a story about a kid getting sick at lunch. Ben, the 13-year-old, told him about his new computer games. What the fuck was he thinking? Brandon told them he loved them and hung up. What could he do? Each of the guys had so far provided a girl do the sucking  a sister or a girlfriend. Dylan was surely going to get Mia to do it tonight  or maybe his sister that he didnt talk much about. It wasnt that Brandon couldnt do it himself  or that he wouldnt enjoy it. He would. But he had successfully kept that part of his High School years pretty quiet so far on campus. The last few nights had given him some hope. Chads experience with Trevor. The mutual jackoffs that no one was talking about from Wednesday and Thursday nights. God, it was so hot to have stroked Dylans manmeat. And when Dylan grabbed him too! He would never have believed it. And then Chet last night  he almost seemed eager. He had wanted to sleep with Chet from the moment they met, but never figured there was even a prayer. It had been some comfort to spend months hound-dogging it around campus with that horny studpuppy. But a blowjob from your Underage Hentai pledge brother  that was something else. Saturday Night Three of the boys sat on the couch while Chet stood peeking up the stairs. Chet was Underage Hentai concerned. Brandon had been acting odd all week. He had refused to even talk with Chet about tonight or what he was going to do. And he wouldn't talk with Chet about their two mutual masturbation episodes either. At 8:07pm, Brandon finally came down the stairs. "We were getting worried," Dylan said. "Yeah. I've been giving this a lot of thought," Brandon began his carefully prepared speech. "As the person who goes last, Underage Hentai I have to provide you all with blowjobs no matter what. The rules say if I drop out, I have to personally provide one to each pledge who has already gone. So either someone Underage Hentai blows you all tonight  or I have to do it later." He paced the room a little. "I don't have girlfriend and my siblings are all too young. My only option, no matter what, is to do it myself. No substitute." The boys shifted their weight. Although none would admit it, they all had realized this was coming. Last night, they had gotten past any hurdles with all of them getting sucked by a guy. Chet and Dylan had both taken a cock up the ass this week. They had all jacked off and been jacked by at least one guy this week. But somehow this seemed different. This was gay. Brandon couldnt stand the silence. "Look. There's no pointing any of you refusing. You're not going to drop out now over one blowjob. If we make it through this, we're all full brothers and never have to talk about this night again. Its really my issue. Close your eyes and pretend I'm someone else. How about Jessica Alba this time, Austin?" The other guys laughed, clearing the air a little. Austin was due up first and clearly he was the most uncomfortable. Like Chet and Dylan, he had never had a male experience before this week. But unlike the other boys who engaged in major exploration over the past few days, Austin had only hesitantly jacked off his friend Nick the previous night in addition to Doug's blowjob. Austin stood still, unsure what to do or how to respond. He just didn't find guys sexually attractive. Brandon took over. He pushed Austin to sit in an armchair, opened his pants, and pulled them and his boxers down to his ankles revealing his soft cock. There hadn't been many of those this week. No one made any sounds. You could hear each tick of the clock on the far wall. Brandon began by rubbing his hands on Austin's cock. He had considered putting a porno on the television as they did in all those fake "straight" guys/amateur gay video things that he Underage Hentai had seen on the internet. Underage Hentai But in the end, he Underage Hentai decided he could do it himself without help. "Just close your eyes and lean back. Focus on the sensations, not the person," he whispered to the still anxious Austin. Brandon was not a novice, the other boys quickly realized. The way he brought Austin's cock to life and was able to swallow all 8" without blinking showed he had definitely done this before. It took a little longer than other nights, but Austin came as usual and Brandon swallowed it all. He didn't identify which celebrity he might have been thinking about this time and hadn't called out any names this time. Chet was amazed. He had never guessed Brandon had been with other guys, although thinking back, there had been some mentions and some clues. His dick was already lively when his roommate approached him. Chet stood still in his spot and let his friend be in control. He couldn't stop looking down at Brandon's angelic face as he sucked, still in partial disbelief as to what was happening. Brandon was careful not to do anything extra with the guys. No caressing. No kissing. No cleaning off cocks when done. No touching himself. Despite all his urges otherwise, he would make this as impersonal as you could while blowing your four friends. "Oh, fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." Chet grunted as Brandon swallowed every drop. "Fuckin' yeah!" he panted as Brandon pulled off. Chet's reaction make Brandon breathe a little easier as to how this might play out past tonight. Dylan was still so confused about he last few days. After being fucked and jacked by his younger brother Doug and spending the night wrapped in each others arms, Doug had Dylan up with a blowjob. It was a slow, drawn-out, mindnumbing experience. Dylan couldn't believe the pleasure he kept receiving from his brother. Dylan asked his brother if he could fuck him, but Doug refused suggesting that Dylan still had yet to earn that. Sulking, Dylan refused to suck his brother again, but finally after some convincing, he jacked his teen brother off. In the past three days he had been sucked twice, fucked once, and jacked once all by his brother, while he had sucked and jacked him in return. Six orgasms shared with his hot teen brother. He had to fuck him. He had to. But that was for a different night. Dylan was tempted to flip Brandon over and pound him instead as this "safe" moment of male-to-male contact was taking place. But he knew that would cause problems for the task and instead asked Brandon where he wanted him. Given the size of his next target, Brandon wanted some height and he had Dylan relax on the couch. Just as he was about to begin, he whispered so only Dylan could hear, "Just pretend I'm your brother. It's Doug. Hot, 16-year-old Dougie." And then before Dylan could speak, he went to work. It must have been the right thing to say because Dylan responded instantly. Brandon didn't need extra effort to get the 19-year-old all-star to explode in his mouth. Nick had been so pissed about Mia that he hadn't really appreciated the previous night. He had been sucked by other teen boys back when he was one himself. His aggressive Underage Hentai fuck of Doug's face and the surprising hand job by Austin - his roommate was so very straight - hadn't helped cool his anger at Dylan and Austin for their double fuck of Mia. But Brandon had nothing to do with that. And no one could deny the boy was stunning. He could have been a model or an actor or Greek god with his looks. And based on his clear skills, a porn star too. Nick was only slightly surprised that Brandon also had a past full of experimentation. But Brandon clearly had a much longer résumé. Nick had never sucked anybody. By the end of junior year, he was exclusive with Mia. Until these past weeks, he hadn't been with anyone else  boy or girl  so who knows what might have happened otherwise. Nick's cock was 3 inches smaller than Dylan's, so although ample, it was much easier to manage at this point in the evening. Although Nick was clearly enjoying his efforts  he was smiling for the first time in days  Brandon didn't want to drag this out. He made quick work of the spiky-haired pledge. Brandon sensed he'd be able to revisit this territory in the coming weeks. "Well, that's that." Brandon said as we wiped Nick's goo from his lips. "We're all brothers now." Back in their dorm room, Chet tired to figure out what to say. "How do you feel?" he asked. "Fine. We did it. We'll be official tomorrow. That's fucking awesome." "Yeah, but what Underage Hentai about tonight?" "Look you and Austin both got sucked by your sisters. Nick watched his girlfriend get double-teamed. Dylan got sucked off by his brother and I am sure much more. You got fucked by your sister's boyfriend. And you fucked Austin's little sister. Everyone jerked each other. And who knows what else? I think my experience tonight is nothing special compared to all of yours." "You were pretty damn good, I must say." "I was a little out of practice. I'm not complaining, but since I met you, I've been with a different girl almost every night. But back home, I wasn't so picky about the gender of a person when Underage Hentai I wanted to fool around. Guys understand guys in a way a girl never will. Look at the great blowjob Doug gave us." Chet nodded. "I couldn't blow Trevor. I was just hung up about it being gay. You and Doug Underage Hentai  you both just enjoyed it and let yourself go." They were silent for a while. "Brandon, remember when you asked me if I ever fucked a guy?" "Yeah." "I'd like to change that tonight&with you." A slow smirk crept across Brandon's face. Tonight's task was going to reap benefits. Seeing Chet's cock go into dozens of girls all semester had been a bit masochistic for him. They were naked and had the condom and lube ready in moments. Brandon resisted kissing or caressing Chet. Just let him fuck me once, he thought, and then next time I'll try something more personal. Chet had screwed enough girl's asses that the physical motions came easily enough. He didn't last long in Brandon's cozy rear and the pent-up excitement of watching Brandon work on his friends. When he was done, they both rolled onto their backs. Brandon's cock was standing straight up, stiff and untouched. He hadn't cum once tonight despite the obvious thrill of having four hot guys' cocks in his mouth and his best friend fuck him. Chet pulled his condom off and then, without a word, wrapped his mouth around Brandon's dick. Without any sense of reservation, Chet began to suck with energy and passion. Whatever hang-ups had prevented him from servicing Trevor on Tuesday, Chet had gained some useful lessons from Jess, Sam, Mia, Doug, and Brandon, and now he put them to work on Saturday. Brandon began to shout in pleasure to the point where Chet was afraid their floormates might come to investigate. Shoving a pillow over his friend's face to quiet him, Chet resumed his suck. Screaming into the fabric, "I'm going to cum!!!!", Brandon prepared to pull out and shoot onto the sheets. But Chet only took more of the dick in his mouth and let's his friend's warm juice splatter against his throat. "We're going go out and fuck some hot girl tomorrow after the induction ceremony, right?" Brandon asked to clear the tension after they cleaned themselves up a little. "Damn straight. Maybe two. Well, at least I am. You should do what's right for you." Chet smiled. "And then when we get back to the room, we can see what pops up." Brandon broke into a broad smile. Blowing his pledge class might have been the best decision he ever made. ***** Thanks for all the encouraging e-mails. Part 7, the conclusion, coming at the end of the week. - Derek
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